What’s the Procedure in Ordering a Site?

The usual procedure in ordering a site is something like this:


When you first contact us, we refer you to our example site for one possible format, and ask you some questions, including your preferred menu headings (such as Media, Year, or Bodies of Work). This also involves choosing the type of written information you would like to include on your site (and what to call them), such as a Biography, CV, Resume, Exhibitions, News, etc.

You can also choose from a number of optional Extras.

We send you an invoice, and tell you know how to prepare your images for optimal search engine performance and loading times (separate image resizing is available for a small fee). We will also ask you to send us any written content that you have nominated, such as a CV and work titles.

You may have up to 35 pages (including images or text pages) for this first step (although most people choose a number much under that figure).

Your nameservers (the process of directing your domain name to us) also needs to be completed at this point (your domain registrar can do this for you, and we can help you also). Also, send us a secret login name and password for your site.

Once received, we build your website and collate everything you need for a live, professional site. Further image and content changes can be done by you, via a simple web based login page (see below), using an easy-to-follow written update guide available online or via PDF.

Alternately, if you would like to outsource any additional changes, additions, image resizing, or redesign, we charge a low $30 an hour fee, with most changes usually done in under an hour. Hosting is free for the first 12 months, after which a reminder hosting invoice is sent annually.

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