What Extras are Available?

We have a range of extras, including but not limited to:

Site Statistics – You can add site statistics to your site, or we can do this for you. Site statistics allow you to see how many people visit your site, how long they stay for, what images and pages they look at, and where they come from. You can also find out what people are typing into the search engines to reach you.

Search Engine Optimization – Want to be nearer to the top of search results for your name, or for search inquiries such as ‘Figurative Paintings’ or ‘Abstract Art’? We have many years of successful experience placing customers where they like. We can set you up for success, and provide ongoing maintenance and reports.

Shopping Carts and Online Ordering – We can prepare a secure and easy to manage online store for your site. Link to any existing Etsy or similar stores is included free of charge.

Site Design Changes – While our sites are aimed to be professional out of the box, anything you see on another artist’s website can also be included, including popup windows, slideshows, music, background images, static opening pages, et cetera. Changes charged at our hourly rate.

HTML Conversion – Conversion of your site to a static, non web based, stand alone site is also available, for those who would rather edit their sites by hand, and host their sites on their own servers.

Static Title Page – Some artists wish to have a static or splash cover page at the start of their website. This may feature just their name, an image, or both. This can be added to our basic site package.

Blogs – For many contemporary artists and craftspeople, a blog attached to their website has certain advantages. It can help keep you prominent in the search engines, and it allows you to feature new products, sale items, exhibition details, and other, less formal information than you might want on your main site. We can add a blog that seamlessly integrates onto your main site, or that can appear slightly different in appearance – please speak to us if you require any more information.

If you would like anything else done to your site, or for individual pricing or questions for these extras, contact us for more.

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