Website Design

Our first aim was to supply artists with the best quality possible, tailored, clean, minimal and professional looking website, for less than 10% of what it would cost to pay a web designer usually. Our websites are hand made, with personal feedback and advice – not automatically generated.


Click the image above to view a sample site, with many changeable options.


Our Artist Websites feature:

WordPress based sites (so you can easily update your own site from any computer, similar to web-based email programs, like Gmail).

Choice of home page designs: no image, a grid of clickable thumbnail images, one large single image, or any image and text combination. You can alter your front page periodically, quickly and easily.

– Your choice of background color, and a large selection of fonts, font colors, and hover effects.

– Change your own CVs, works, exhibitions and other details with ease. No expensive ongoing designer updates.

– Add as many pages, text and images as you like.

– 12 months free hosting.

– We help with all questions and setting up. Just fill in a form, supply relevant text and web sized images, and you’re done.

– A great way to get your work seen and considered for the artists showcase.

– Any other additional improvements are also possible for a low rate.

A professional design, especially tailored for artists, at a fraction of the cost.


We accept one new artist a week. More information is available on our FAQ page. Email us with any questions or to place an order.